Music Mentions – 6th July 2020.

Music Mentions | Introduction

In our last music mentions post we introduced you to a number of solo singer-songwriters from different places around the world as well as from different genres of music. This post is the third in the series and will focus on introducing you to new male artists that you need to listen to including a general introduction, recent releases, and any social links you need to follow them. Be sure to read on to learn about five new male artists you can support during this time as they start their journey in the music industry.

Carson Beyer | USA | Country

Carson Beyer, US country aritst, newest release Nearest Green
Image credit; Carson Beyer Facebook Page

Kentucky native Carson Beyer is currently living in Nashville pursuing his dream of becoming a country music artist however at first his drive and desire to succeed seen him become a college footballer player. Many people who meet him are unaware of his history with sports but it does always make for an interesting topic. After two years he was awarded a scholarship to continue to play for the team for the remainder of his time there though after graduating decided it was time to give music his full attention. He explored the different genres before figuring out that he wanted to create music that made people feel something. Carson is a firm believer that great things take time and his goal and with the support of his wonderful teams hopes to create timeless music. He started releasing music in 2018 with tracks such as Bones that has had over 2m streams, that track along with 5 others can be found on his debut EP, Walk On! In late May of this year, he released another wonderful song titled Nearest Green which is so catchy you’ll have it stuck in your head for days! Follow the links below to learn more about Carson!

Website Instagram Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Rayne Johnson | USA | Country

Rayne Johnson, US country music artist
Image Credit; Rayne Johnson Facebook Page

Now I may be biased given that Rayne Johnson is one of my personal favourites however you are seriously missing out if you don’t have him on your playlist! After years of playing live and participating in different competitions, he had won the hearts of many and decided that it was time to release his original music. The first two tracks he released, Laid Back and Front Seat gave us an insight into the type of artist he is as well as the amount of talent he has. His first single, Laid Back, reached over 1.7m plays in a matter of months which for a debut single is just incredible. The response Front Seat got was even better, not only that but in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard for a very long time! It received an astonishing 24 million streams across all platforms, it was also dubbed one of the most talked-about tracks of this year! His most recent single is a track called Last Name is one that the fans seem to love at his shows, though he only actually released it last month. If you need a new artist who creates incredible songs with beautiful stories then go and check out the links below.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

TJ Stewart | USA | Country

Nashville born and raised pop artist TJ Stewart
Image Credit; TJ Stewart Facebook Page

Born and raised in the heart of Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, it was only a matter of time until TJ Stewart would find his place in the music industry. He may label himself a pop artist but I truly believe that his smooth vocals, as well as excellent guitar skills, can draw just about anybody in. The talent he has as a performer is enough to capture your attention but the picture he paints with his lyrics will have you coming back for more over and over again! One moment he will always remember is when Dave Mustaine attended one of his shows then went on to share about his music on his social media. The growth he experienced during that time helped him realise his potential which also improved his confidence! Just last month he released his debut album titled Quarantine Vibes with tracks such as OceansChilly and Midnight! One of my personal favourites by him is his most recent single, a track called Don’t Kiss Me, that he released late last year. If you need an upbeat and lively artist to add to your playlist then look no further, check out TJs social links below!

Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube

Sam Ellis | USA | Pop

Sam Ellis Nashville based alternate pop artist
Image Credit; Sam Ellis Facebook Page

Let me start this introduction by saying that Sam Ellis is that one artist missing from your playlist that you wish you would have added months ago! His first taste of music was when he was in the school band where he played the bassoon, in the years that followed he was able to learn a range of other instruments such as guitar. He may not be new to playing music however his career as a writer only started three years ago in 2017. Since the start of this year, he has released three beautifully written singles that I can guarantee will find a place on any playlist; Everything is Alright, Matter and Irusu. Later this month he is set to re-release a remix of Irusu that he worked on with the wonderful and talented Jamey Howell. Sam creates music that pushes the typical boundaries of what we as listeners would usually class as pop music by using captivating lyrics along with personal reflection to develop the stories behind his songs. For the rest of this year, he is planning to work on his first full-length project so if you’re looking for an artist to grow with over the years then look no further! 

Instagram Facebook Youtube

James Jackson | UK | Singer-Songwriter

Liverpool UK based singer-songwriter James Jackson
Image Credit: Eirinn O’Kane

With over 500 hours of experience playing live shows, James Jackson is no newbie on the music scene, he has pretty much grown up on the stage! Many have described this self-produced independent artist as being “something else” and it’s easy to see why his music is a passionate expression of personal experiences he has had. Some of his most memorable music achievements include playing Highest Point Festival in 2018; recording a live session at Media City as well as playing at several iconic venues across the UK. He has always said that his life changed for the better the first moment he picked up a guitar at just 8 years old, looking at his success over recent years it’s safe to say I agree with him on that! He draws on inspiration from different genres in the music industry but the fans of artists such as Ben Howard and Bon Iver would most definitely love the sound that James creates! Last month he released his most recent single, a track called Hunter that is now available on all streaming platforms along with his other music, be sure to follow his journey and check out his music! 

Website | Instagram Youtube

Do you have any recommendations for me to add to my next Music Mentions post? If so, drop them in the comments below!

Kelly xox

5 Reasons to Visit Disneyland Paris

This article may contain affiliate links. Please read my affiliate disclosure here.

My first Disney experience was when I was 10 years old in 2006 when we made the long flight across the pond to spend a couple of weeks in Orlando, Florida. I may have only been young but I remember exactly how I felt when I first stepped foot in the Orlando park! It was that trip that sparked my love for travel! 8 years later, I finally got the opportunity to visit another of the Disney parks; Disneyland Paris and it was extra special as I got to create memories with my younger sisters! Disneyland is magical enough but seeing their faces light up only added to the magic! For those of you that love Disney then you know nothing compares to visiting a Disney park, especially one that you have yet to visit! Everything is similar yet also completely different at the same time. Its no surprise that die-hard fans will cross the globe to get a taste of how Disney is done in different destinations! If you are planning a trip to Paris soon and are also wondering if Disneyland Paris is worth adding to your list then here are 5 reasons to visit Disneyland Paris – even if you have been to the Disney parks in America!

If you are travelling long-haul you may be interested in reading; 4 Places to visit in the UK after lockdown!

5 reasons to visit Disneyland Paris:

01| Location!

Its important to mention that although Disneyland is one of the most visited attractions in Europe, the French capital, Paris is home to other noteworthy attractions. A trip to Paris would not be complete without visiting the iconic attractions such as the Lourve, Notre Dame (pictured below) and the Eiffel tower; so add Disneyland to that list too! Situated a short 35 minute ride away from the centre of the beautiful city, Paris, the Park is located in the perfect area for everybody! This means that whether you are travelling with family or friends you can explore the magic (and beauty) of Paris without any issues! It also means that if you are staying central but need your Disney fix that the magic is still close by! If you would love to visit and explore more of Paris during your trip then check the links below for some of my personal favourite attractions in Paris!

Eiffel Tower | Arch de Triumph | Louvre Museum

Notre Dame, Paris, One reason to visit Paris, France
Image credit; Travel and Tunes

02| The Size

Now let me get this straight, I absolutely loved my time at Disneyworld in Florida but I do remember feeling extremely overwhelmed at the sheer size of it. Disneyland Paris is similar to Disneyland California in the sense that it consists of only two parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. If you can only spare a day then the Paris park is much smaller so it is possible to see everything you want with planning. As it is a Disney Resort, I would advise where possible to spend at least one day in each of the different parks so you can be sure you don’t miss any of the magic! If you would much rather somebody else plan

03 | Smaller crowds means shorter queues… most of the time!

Having visited the park during what we would class as high season, June to August, I was pleasantly surprised at the wait times. Compared to the American parks the queues were much shorter, crowds were smaller and overall everything seemed less chaotic. This is particularly interesting when I mention that my visits to the American parks have been during low season, January to February. There has always been a number of rides that had little to no queue and in my personal experience, even the most popular lines had much shorter wait times then similar rides in the American parks! The one thing that seems to be the same across all parks, at least those I have visited, is that regardless of when you visit or the time you choose to eat there is ALWAYS a wait when it comes to ordering (and eating) food! It would be interesting to hear your experience with this, though I honestly believe that on average I have waited longer for food then I have to go on a ride!

Disneyland Paris Hotel; smaller crowds mean shorter queues, most of the time
Image Credit; Travel and Tunes

04| Unique Attractions & Rides

In addition to everything having the European twist as well as being delivered in the French language; the French resort is home to a number of other authentic and unique attractions or rides! Some of them are similar to rides found at other parks such as Phantom Manor which delves deeper into the story shared in the Disney classic haunted mansion rides. However there are some rides exclusive to the Paris resort such as The Finding Nemo-themed Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille: The Adventure. The Disney Princess Castle at the Paris Resort is the only castle across all parks that was not inspired by another castle. In addition to that underneath the Castle lives a Dragon, which at the time of creation was the largest figure of its kind! There are other unique attractions or rides too such as The Mysteries of the Nautilus, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth as well as many others! You’ll have to visit to see for yourself!

05| Food, food and more food.

They have a number of Disney typical food establishments such as the Rainforest Cafe. They also have as resort exclusive dining options such as Bistrot Chez Remy. Being that Ratatouille was filmed in the beautiful city of Paris it makes perfect sense that the French resort is the only one with the Ratatouille food Experience. Furthermore there are over 60 places you can go to eat; not to mention a selection of food carts selling some tasty French treats that you just won’t find in the American parks. As mentioned before sometimes you have to lineup for a while but the wait is most definitely worth it, so be sure to check your options out!

Rainforest Cafe - Dining Options in Disneyland Paris
Image credit: Pixabay

Still not sure?!

So is this Disneyland worth adding to your list when you’re next in Paris? I think so! Add in the fact it works out cheaper then the American parks and that answer turns into ABSOLUTELY! The important factor to consider is that it is still a Disney park, it’s just done with a European twist! If you are interested in learning more or would like to plan a future trip to then visit Disneyland Paris! If you are currently missing Disney during quarantine or plan to return as soon as possible you may be interested in some of the products below!

The Story of Disneyland Paris | Disneyland Paris Adult/Kids T Shirt | Disney Character Autograph Book

Let me know below which parks you went too and any unique facts you know! Check back soon for 5 reasons why you should visit Disneyland California! ❤

Kelly xox

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Music Mentions – June 4th 2020.

Music Mentions | Introduction

Following on from our first series where we introduced five artists for you to add to your playlists we are back with a second edition. Last time we explained that the aim of this post was to give you as readers inspiration for who to listen to next or who to add to your playlist; this second post is no different! Carry on reading to learn about five other artists you need to add to your playlist including general information, social links and so much more! This is the second in a series of post and this time we will focus on solo-artists or singer-songwriter from different places from around the world.

Lauren Lizabeth | USA | Country

Image credit: Lauren Lizabeth – Facebook Page!

Rhode Island native Lauren Lizabeth may only be young but her career in music started years before she made the move to Nashville. The first time she was recognised for her talent was in 2011 when she was nominated as Country Act of the Year by the New England Music Awards. Soon after graduating school she moved to New York for college then once she had a degree behind her she made the move to Nashville. Her debut single, To Be Young, received a wonderful reception and was played across 145 radio stations! Lauren was featured on the billboard country indicator charts for sixteen weeks; impressive when you think it was her debut single! The following year she was featured on a CBS show, The Young and the Restless, they also featured her original songs during that season! Wreck It, her new single was released last month and its one you should definitely check out! It captivates the true essence of love and pain so perfectly; what makes it even more beautiful is that Lauren wrote it from a personal experience! Having listened to both of these songs I feel connected to the stories she tells as an artist and I’m really excited to see what she brings out next! Be a part of Laurens journey and head over to the links below and download her music too!

Website | Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Tiger Lilly | UK | Pop/Rock

Image Credit: Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a unique British pop/rock artist who also has Persian roots; she has a very distinctive voice and since she started her career in music has released a number of albums! Her music including albums such as Memory Lane and Reflections are available for download on spotify and other streaming platforms! Back in 2010 she was deemed one of the most intoxicating independent artists in the UK and also was recognised as ‘Best Out of Area Act’ during Exposure Music Awards East! Her music has been aired on radio stations across the world including numerous BBC Radio stations! Having graced the stage at over 100 venues across the UK including 100 Club on Oxford Street and the Hard Rock Café London. Tiger Lilly is one of the most exciting independent artists in the UK right now. After taking a three year Tiger Lilly made her return to music by releasing Game Over in April; which shows the that although she has not been releasing anything new – she has definitely been developing her skills even more! As an artist the song she writes are simply beautiful songs and she delivers them with such passion and energy. The new release includes new song Game Over and a new version of one of her prior releases; Not Alone! Be sure to check her out on the links below!

Website | Spotify | Instagram

Jt Pearson | Canada | Country

Image Credit; JT Pearson Facebook Page

JT Pearson is another artist that bring his own distinct sound to the country music industry; his songs are the perfect mix of old school country, indie and pop. As you may know I have a love for artists who use music as their platform to share a story, even more so if the story is one that I can relate too. The journey to music has not been perfect, like many other artists JT has lived life variety of different ways from living in poverty, to living on the road to a regular nine to five. JT uses his life experiences to write authentic, honest and original songs that cover topics that we can all relate too such as love, loss as well as roads less travelled to name a few. Earlier this year he released Always Be a song he released earlier then planned to bring people some peace during all the chaos of the pandemic. Its a song that I find myself listening to most days because it makes me smile and reminisce on the good times. Dive Bar Love , his newest single, was released last month on May 29th too! Both of them are available for streaming on your chosen platform – you can also join JT on his journey by checking out the links below!

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Charlotte Young | UK | Country

Image credit; Charlotte Young

Charlotte is inspired by country music legends such as Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash; however she also loves modern day artists such as Miranda Lambert to name just one. The music that she writes is the perfect blend of old school country and modern country, some people have referred to her as the female Luke Combs. She writes about her own personal experiences but she also creates songs that are inspired by stories her friends have shared with her. The phrase “Three chords and the truth” is one that Charlotte has always believed in, even more so as an artist, and tries to use it in her song-writing. Having performed at a number of iconic venues such as The Flapper, The Actress and Bishop and The O2, to name a few, she has developed a passion for performing and simply thrives in that environment. Her debut single Whiplash was released back in March followed by her debut EP, Blown Away , which was released last month. If you like what you hear be sure to check her music out then follow her journey at the links below!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Tracie Lynn | USA | Country

Traice Lynn US Music Country Artist
Image credit Tracie Lynn

One of the newest members of the country music family in Nashville is Tracie Lynn who moved there only a few months ago from her home state of Virginia. For as long as she can remember music has been a huge part of her life and as an artist she hopes to create music that makes a statement. With the recent move to Nashville she has been able to finally spend more time in the studio with the talented Luke Wooten. This opportunity has already led to some great songs being released that give as insight into what to expect from her! Fat, Drunk and Pregnant was released earlier this year in February and If I’m Being Honest was released a couple months later in April! Both of these songs are available on all streaming platforms for you to download! One of my favourite things about her personally is the emotion I feel when listening to her songs, her voice is so powerful and puts the message of the songs across so beautiful, especially in If I’m Being Honest. Lets all go on over to the links below and show her some love!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Do you have any artist recommendations you think I should mention in my next Music Mentions post then let me know below!

Kelly xox

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Self-care tip to try during lockdown!

Regardless of your situation in life before this lockdown; whether you were a student, full-time worker or stay at home parents; the current situation has forced us to make a number of changes. For the most part it is easy to see the lockdown as a positive opportunity to spend more time at home with your families! Its amazing that we now have this free time to spend with our families or focus on our hobbies; but its normal that some people may have had bad days. Its important to note that for some people this time has actually heightened their anxiety or caused other issues with their mental health. With so many restrictions and businesses closed routines have been changed; that includes self-care routines! However, they are more important now then they have ever been. Its really vital that we still take time to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first. If you are struggling to make time for yourself or finding a new self-care routine then here are some ideas you can try during this lockdown!

  • Self-care tip 1 – Get outside;

Now this sounds cliche and in some areas for a while there was even restrictions on this! However simply going outside can do you the world of good – especially if the weather is on your side! It is known to reduce stress and anxiety and as its a form of exercise even if you just walk, its overall great for your health!

Image credit: Travel & Tunes | Kelly Allen (me)
  • Self-care tip 2 – Put on a cute outfit and do your makeup;

This one is one is particularly important and I would recommend trying it a couple times a week; especially during lockdown! Its important that you do this for you, nobody else, though if you wish you can snap some shots and share them with others. You do not need to have a reason or give an explanation – its your choice to make! So go ahead, put that cute outfit on and take as many photos as you want!

  • Self-care tip 3 – Soak in a bubble bath;

Get your favourite bath bomb, bubble bath or whatever fancy product it is your using, run yourself a nice bath and just relax. There is no need to take anything with you, aside from maybe a couple candles and a glass (or cup) of your favourite drink; just simply lay back and relax. For added effect once you get out your bath then change your bedsheets – nothing beats a clean bed after a bath!

  • Self-care tip 4 – Order yourself a gift ;

Whether you usually spend your money on other people, meals out or salon appointments (to name a few) now is a great time to save money! That being said its important to still treat yourself every once in a while; so buy that new book, order that new dress or make improvements on your home – you deserve it!

  • Self-care tip 5 – Binge watch your favourite show;

This one really speaks for itself; if your able to do it alone or with others who will appreciate the show then that is great, if not then that is fine too. Slip into your comfiest pair of pjs, maybe even pull your blanket downstairs and prepare a selection of yummy snacks! Wrap yourself up in the blanket with snacks close by and watch as many episodes as you wish!

  • Bonus self-care tip for all animal lovers – Pet your cat or dog

As a huge animal lover this was obviously going to make my list somewhere, I mean I spend most the day with my cats! The great thing about this however is that not only does it make them happier but its beneficial to you in so many ways! I understand not everybody will have pets, but if you do then spend more of your time cuddling them!

Gizmo; cats are proven to benefit your health in a number of ways - pet them as often as you can!
Image Credit; Travel & Tunes – Kelly Allen (me)

The most important thing to remember during this time however is that this change is only temporary and you are far stronger than you give yourself credit for! I do not need to know you personally to know that you have got this, 100%!

Let me know any tips or tricks you have; lets make this a positive post that everybody can refer to when they need some encouragement! I look forward to hearing all about your self-care routines and if my blog helped you in the comments below!

Be back soon!

Kelly xox

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4 Places to visit in the UK after lockdown!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time and introduce travel into my blog; I eventually settled on a name and now its time! Domestic travel within your own country will be vital to the economy after this situation has improved! I’ve lived in the UK most of my life yet feel I’ve yet to explore it properly! Now I’ve seen many beautiful places in the UK during my travels such as Glasgow, Chester, London and more – but the UK has so much to offer! Once we are able to travel again I have made the decision that my first couple of trips will be in the UK! If you are from the UK too, or are planning a UK trip when possible, here are 4 places to visit in the UK after lockdown;

1. Buxton, Derbyshire

This little spa town is nestled in the centre of the beautiful Peak District, the UKs oldest national park! Buxton is famous for a variety of things such as Buxton Water, its wonderful architecture and beautiful Opera House to name a few. It is also said that Buxton is the centre of our wonderful country. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Peak District, why? Because it has something for everyone!

If you love nature then you have the opportunity to visit old Pooles Caverns or the Pavilion Gardens. You also have the chance to explore its beauty by walking a number of different beautiful trials! For those seeking relaxation and incredible spas then Buxton has something for you too, having served thousands, if not millions, of people over the years! It has become known as a place to relax, rest and recuperate – something we will all need after this year! If like me you love live music then Buxton has a wealth of bars, pubs and clubs – typically you will find some form of live music most nights!

For those of you looking to travel there; the drive time is around an hour away from places such as Manchester, Sheffield and Derby; but you can also take trains and coaches! If you are interested in planning a trip or learning more then please head over to Visit Buxton.

2. Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is a seaside resort situated on the north coast of Cornwall in the South East of England. Home to beautiful sandy beaches; its no surprise it has been recognised as ‘one of the nations favourite’ coastal resorts! Newquay is most famous for the surfing due to its perfect location on the North Coast of the Atlantic Ocean; most beaches have their own surf schools! Every year at Fistral Beach they host the Boardmasters surfing championships which welcomes surfers from all around the world! However, surfing is not the only water related activity available with other options such as Coasteering, Jet Skis and more! I for one can not wait to go just so I can see some of these beaches (and activities) in person!

If you would prefer to stay on dry land then read on because there is more to Newquay then watersports! If you want to soak up the sun and read a good book you have a selection of beaches to choose from such as Watergate Bay Beach (pictured below) or Lusty Glaze Beach. If you spend enough time on the beach relaxing you may even be lucky enough to see some Dolphins! If wildlife is something that interests you and you do not wish to sit on the beach all day you have Newquay Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium! If you are looking for entertainment then Newquay is also home to theatres, night clubs, restaurants and so much more!

Drive time from Manchester is around 5 and a half hours; there is however the option to fly or take a train too! It may be further then Buxton but just look at pictures from across Newquay, it looks absolutely perfect! To find out more or plan a visit to Newquay then head over to Visit Newquay!

Watergate Bay Newquay Cornwall UK. Pixabay image.
Image credit: Pixabay

3. Whitby, Yorkshire

You’ll like realize in my posts that I love the ocean or a lake so its no surprise that there is yet another seaside town on my list! Whitby is located in Yorkshire, a place I actually spent a lot of time in during university; yet I have never been to Whitby! Its said that Whitby is home to some of the best fish and chips in the UK, as well as a number of blue flag beaches! Whitby is filled with stories to tell and places that hold a lot of history in one way or another. If you are somebody who loves books and has read Dracula by Bram Stoker then you may have heard of Whitby too! There is so much to see, do and explore when visiting Whitby so be sure to have enough time when you do visit!

Its a photographers dream with unique narrow streets, gothic ruins and a stunning harbour! I think its safe to say that Whitby could have some of the most beautiful spots in the whole of England! You have little fishing villages like Robin Hoods Bay, incredible sandy beaches such as Runswick Bay, stunning clifftop views in Ravenscar and many other areas to explore. If you love history then you can visit Whitby Abbey, Captain Cook Memorial Museum and Whitby Museum & Pannett Art Gallery to name just a few! If you are only planning on taking a short trip then be sure to take in the views on the open bus tour they operate 7 days a week!

Journey time from Manchester and surrounding areas is around is around two and a half hours; there is the option to take a train too! If you are travelling from Sheffield and other areas in Yorkshire your travel time will be shorter! To plan your trip or find out more about this wonderful place then head to Visit Whitby!

4. Bristol, Gloucestershire

Let me start this by saying that Bristol is home to a number of great musicians that have been mentioned in previous blog posts. It is also home to Scarlet River Management, an artist management company who specialise in country music! To keep it simple, one of the things Bristol is known for is its incredible music scene and us music lovers NEED to visit! In addition to its music scene Bristol has become known for its symbolic suspension bridge and thriving street art culture! Its a wonderful and vibrant city that has a very unique story to tell through its history, culture, nature and so much more.

Home to over 400 parks and gardens, one of the oldest zoos in the world and five michelin star restaurants; its no surprise that Bristol is one of the best UK cities! If you love culture, especially creative arts, then you may know that Bristol was home to artist Banksy! There are a number of spots to visit to see his arts and you can also join in on a free walking tour! It goes without saying that you will not want to miss the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Bristols number one attraction; Brunel’s SS Great Britain! If your drawn to music, history, culture or just want the chance to relax then Bristol is waiting for you – find out more at Visit Bristol!

Travel time is between 3-4 hours from Manchester and surrounding areas; you also have the option to take a train, coach or fly! Bristol has been on my list for a little over a year now so I’ve looked into it a lot plus have some friends there! If you have any questions about it then feel free to ask or head to the site above!

Tell me below if you have visited any of these cities and any tips you have – if you have not visited them then please share with me where you plan on going after lockdown!?

Come back soon for your fix of travel and music.

Kelly xox

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Kelsey Bovey – Magnetic – Single Review ; Relatable record

Artist:: Kelsey Bovey.

Song name: Magnetic.

Release Date: TOMORROW (22nd May 2020)

Social Links:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Stream MAGNETIC now!

Kelsey Bovey | Artist Introduction

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Kelsey Bovey is definitely one to watch. Music has been a part of her life since she was just eight years old; she has worked hard continuously to develop into the artist she is today. In 2019 she released her debut EP which was titled Its My Time which included the single, Define Me! The single charted at number 29 in the singer-songwriter charts on Itunes. The other songs on the EP cover topics that many people can relate too such as rumours or unhealthy relationships.

Following the release of that EP she was labelled as an emerging artist to watch by Duggystone Radios. In addition to that, she joined forces with Scarlet River Management who supported her with making big plans for 2020. She was also nominated or Fair Play Modern Country Female Vocalist & songwriter of the year; the result for this will be out later this year in November. There are a number of artists who inspire her such as Ariana Grande and Jess Glynne. The reason they inspire her is because they create music that she herself hopes to create; music that is empowering and honest. She hopes that by using personal experiences she will be able to create songs that other people will relate too.

Kelsey Bovey Magnetic single review!
Image credit: Kelsey Bovey Press Release for Magnetic.

Magnetic | New Release

Her new single, Magnetic, is set to drop tomorrow (May 22nd 2020) – and this is one you do not want to miss! It was recorded and produced by Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi at Puzzle Maker Studios. The story behind Magnetic focuses on the feelings of fear we have all experienced in new relationships in someway. Personally I felt that it could be a response to feelings caused by unhealthy relationships; a topic she covered in her song Lady In Red. It touches on the fears we experience of falling in love with somebody who may not feel the same. This is something we have all felt and the track is so cleverly written, produced and performed that it can be applied to all stories or situations. On the other hand, it is a upbeat, honest, relatable and catch tune that tells a powerful story but also brings us hope. Its a solid 10/10 track, there is no doubt about that. It posses all the ingredients for an incredible track -including an exceptional vocal performance by an amazing young artist!


Overall, YOU need to hear this song as soon as possible – that is just how mesmerising it is! Pre-order Magnetic now on your chosen streaming platform and be prepared to be hooked! I can almost guarantee you will be drawn to it! In addition to that, follow Kelsey on her journey in music by following her social links above!

First, I would like to thank you for reading and ask you to tell me about a song that you relate too? Secondly, let me know below if you have pre-ordered the track or followed Kelsey!

Kelly xox

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Jess Jocoy; Introducing US Music

Jess Jocoy

Where is she from:
Washington but living in Nashville!

Career Highlights for Jess Jocoy

Playing at the historic Bluebird Cafe for the first time on her birthday last year!

Being involved in season 1 of Songland and pitching her song, Easy, to Kelsea Ballerini.

Performing her music at Americana Fest showcase held at Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville last year.

Social Links for Jess Jocoy:
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Jess Jocoy | Artist Introduction

If you could read a book the life of Jess Jocoy it would become apparent pretty early on that she was destined for a life in the music industry. For several years she took part in singing competitions and took every opportunity she could to sing on karaoke in her home state of Washington. From a young age she was introduced to a variety of different artists from the music industry as her parents both listened to very different music. Her mother a fan of classic rock such as Led Zeppelin while her father a fan of country artists like Alan Jackson. As soon as Jess found her voice, both literally and as a singer, her parents have encouraged her to chase her dreams and perform!

With the support of her parents as well as her drive to succeed in the industry Jess had her mind set on moving to Nashville. Sadly before she had achieved her dream of moving to Music City, her father passed away from cancer in 2013. She admits that during that time she felt lost but instead of ignoring it chose to create music that focused on the universal feeling of grief. It was during that time she began to understand how to write sad songs – as a writer myself that is something I can relate too. Following the loss of her father she was now more set on realizing her dream, soon after she moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University where she worked on perfecting the art of writing music.

Touring, Inspirations and Goals

Now in Nashville she is still constantly setting new dreams to work towards such as playing the Ryman Auditorium. Relatively new to touring there had been shows arranged to take her around the US, however, at the moment those are on hold. Some of her favorite venues across the southern states are LaGrange in Georgia and The Bowery Vault in Nashville. (If you happen to be in Nashville or Georgia following this outbreak be sure to check them both out!)

As an artist the creative process is one she often works through alone – at least when it comes to writing the song. She would love to be able to connect with other poetic writers/musicians such as John Moreland, Joe Pug, or Patty Griffin, and would be the first to volunteer if they needed an opener! She has met Joe Pug once at a workshop and remembers him saying the key to writing is “saying the thing without saying the thing.” She has tested it out a few times but due to overthinking as always stuck writing in a simplistic way which tells a clear-cut story.

Such A Long Way | Most Recent Release

She is drawn to the storytellers of the industry such as Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile and Alec Benjamin to name a few. These all create music that makes the listener think – something she is hoping to recreate with her music. When creating her most recent album, Such A Long Way, she was aiming to create a similar sound with her unique twist to it.
Such A Long Way is her debut album however she released an EP in 2018 and has released a few singles since then. Such A Long Way gives us an insight into her personal life, career, and feelings. It is important to note that not every track on the record tells her personal story, however, the way she performs them could have anybody fooled. With such emotion in her voice it forces you to revisit emotions or times in your life that you may have been avoiding for some time.

Hope (Such A Long Way) may have been written as a song that she needed to hear herself, however, I feel that its a track we all need to hear. Often we forget about our dreams trying to make other people happy – this song is a reminder to me, you and everybody else in the world that your dreams are yours to chase. Another song that I felt spoke to me was Love Her Wild, it is my personal favourite from the album. With other tracks such as The Ballad of Two Lovers, Hallelujah, Numb and Somebody Somewhere this album is one of the best I have had the opportunity of listening to for quite some time!

Summary of Jess Jocoy

Regardless of the creative process or writing style she chooses to follow, one thing is certain – Jess is an extremely talented songwriter, singer, and storyteller. If you like what you hear and want to support Jess during this time you can buy merchandise on the site linked above! Other ways you can support her is by streaming or purchasing her music, following her social accounts or simply by sharing this post! In my opinion, it is only a matter of time until this incredible young woman is headlining a world tour!

If you do listen to her music comment below your favourite song?

Music & Memories Introducing; Singer-songwriter Jess Jocoy - Image credit: Patrick Sheehan Photography
Image credit: Patrick Sheehan Photography

Kelly xox

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Music Mentions – May 4th 2020.

Introducing: Music Mentions!

The music industry is constantly growing – every day we hear of new artists breaking into the charts such as Bob Fitzgerald who was featured in one of my recent posts! On top of the new artists breaking into the industry we also have our favourite artists who will bring out new music! Regardless of the genre of music or individual preferences we are immersed in a world of option and deciding which ones to choose is often difficult.

This is the first in a series of posts which aims to answer the question all music lovers have “who can I listen to next?” Read on to find out about some artists including general information, new releases, social links and any other important information!

Justin Fancy: Canada: Singer/Songwriter

Canadian native singer/songwriter Justin Fancy from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland is not new to music! For over ten year he has been involved in the music scene, especially around St Johns, Newfoundland. He is known for singing just about any song from across a range of different genres! Growing up Justin was drawn to legends of country music such as Merle Haggard who created songs that told powerful stories. As an artist he hopes to explore the complex principle of human emotion, not just in his songs but also in the way he performs them. As a introduction into his upcoming debut album, Fancy has released two singles; Long Time Comin’ and Think About You! Both songs demonstrate his ability as a writer, performer and storyteller in different ways which has me excited for the upcoming album! Check out his music on your favourite streaming platform and follow his social links to stay up to date with new releases, tours and more!
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Amanda McCarthy: USA: Singer/Songwriter

With her plans to move to Nashville this fall, New England Native, Amanda McCarthy is ready to carve her name into the minds of music lovers all around the world! Having once suffered from stage freight Amanda constantly looks for ways to step outside of her comfort zone with many now describing her as fearless. Folk Song, a piece that quickly became a fan-favourite, shows just how fearless she is and focuses on the topic of discrimination in the music industry. She has no intentions of labelling herself or putting herself in a box with hopes of creating music that just speaks to people. Road Trip, an album she released last year, blends together reality and fantasy as she shares personal tracks which give us an insight into her life. By wearing her heart on her sleeve and opening herself up to the world she has developed a music that we can all relate too, her song Solo is one of my favourites! She is hoping to release the B-Side to Road Trip this summer which will include one of her newest singles, Steven. If you like music that speaks to you then you definitely need to check her out; her music is available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify – to learn more about her and follow her journey check out her social links below!
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Autumn Helene – USA – Singer/Songwriter

At just thirteen years old Autumn Helene is already experienced in performing having played shows at festivals, fairs, parties and more across Washington state. Furthermore, her debut single – You Wont Regret a Thing was her response to being bullied, that song led to her becoming one of the youngest composers on imdb as it will be used in upcoming show, Hunting Jessica. For somebody so young to write pieces of music that are so emotive, powerful and well written is amazing, its easy to forget that she is so young! Often compared to big names in the industry such as Adele or Billie Eilish the future is already looking very bright for this youngster. Her most recent release Stars Align has been played on radios all around the world. She is hoping to continue to put out new music and can’t wait to get back on the road once the current situation has improved. Her music is all available on a number of streaming platforms as well as Youtube so be sure to check it out. To follow her story then follow her social links below!

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Boxes – UK – Band

With the recent release of their debut EP, Why Don’t You Listen, a new Manchester country rock band, Boxes, have had a whirlwind start to 2020 for all the right reasons! They are a four piece band which consists of David Miller – lead singer & acoustic guitar, Josh Smith – electric guitar & backing vocals, Tom Adams – bass guitar & backing vocals and James Saunders – drum and beat man. Their journey of the band started a number of years ago but the band as we see it today have been together for around a year! Labelled by others from the industry as “Nashville-Upon-Irwell” its clear that there music is inspired by old-school country, rock but also their northern roots! As a band Boxes are heavily focused on lyrics or the stories behind the songs which can be heard in tracks like Fragile as well as Let Me In. Vocally speaking their harmonies sound absolutely incredible – especially in the Electric Light which secured the band some radio play! As they are newcomers on the block you will be joining them from the start so remember to follow their social links below! Their music is available on your favourite streaming platforms – so be sure to download it.

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Crystalline – UK – Band

In the almost three years that Crystalline have been together they have worked on developing their music style. The five piece rock band cant pinpoint a particular career highlight as many great things have happened to them over the years! However, the reaction and response they received from their most recent release, Til The Sun Comes Up, as well as their headline show in March has definitely been memorable for them! Based in Wales the band current members are; Elliot Packham on drums, Ed Thomas on bass guitar, Sion Harling on rhythm guitar, Amir Maleki on lead guitar and Eva Mullen on lead vocals! The progression they have made as a band is clear when you compare the release from 2018 to the most recent release but nonetheless their sound is incredible for those who love rock music! You can download their music on your favourite streaming platform and their most recent release also has a music video on youtube! Check out the links below to join them on their road to music!

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Comment below which artist you chose to listen to and let me know what you thought! Check back soon for new music mentions!

Kelly xox

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Claire Beverly ; Introducing US Music

Claire Beverly

Where is she from:
Nashville native living in South Carolina

Memorable music memories:

At seven years old she was told by a popular girl to never sing so didn’t for 11 years!

Her first concert was Halsey – even though she was sat in the nosebleeds she felt as though Halsey was right there due to how she carried her vocals and performed. It was this concert she realised she wanted to be that way too as an artist.

Singing ‘Blessed Assurance’ at Myrtle Beach when she made a connection with an elderly man over his story about his late wife and thanked her – its one thing she’ll never forget!

Social Links for Claire Beverly
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Amber Eyes

Claire Beverly | Artist Introduction

For a lot of people in the music industry they have an artist or song that changed their life in someway, for Claire Beverly this is no different. Her number one favourite artist is Elvis Presley, its been that way for as long as she can remember. His track, Heartbreak Hotel, really sharped her career in music. She started playing Piano at a young age but it took her until three years ago to focus on songwriting and singing. She is hoping to create honest music that does not limit her to one genre but instead tells a story of her personal feelings, experiences and moods.

The road to music however was not easy for Claire Beverly who like many other artists faced rejection. At just seven years old she was told by popular girls in her school who held their own version of ‘American Idol’ that she shouldn’t even try to sing. From that moment until the age of eighteen she did not sing a word! When she decided to start singing again, she was shocked by how some artists would treat one another. Luckily for Claire she signed with Charlotte Avenue Entertainment where she works with Michelle and Will Gawley who are extremely kind and supportive. In addition to that she found a group of wonderful artists from the same agency who have provided her with the encouragement and positive motivation she needed to continue her music career.

Creative Process

Her creative process is one that Claire admits is a little strange – inspiration for a new piece of music often comes to her at inconvenient times such as at work or when she should be sleeping. Trainwreck, one of her most popular songs was one that first came to life in her dream – it was one of those moments she woke up and just HAD to finish it! One of her favourite places to write is at work as she feels the most creative there, the only negative is she never has an instrument with her!

Whats more important to her then genre is the ability to connect with her audience through songs that tell an honest story. She hopes to build a similar connection to her audience as the one she felt with Halsey when she went to her first ever concert. Her first experience of creating a special moment came when she performed, Blessed Assurance, in Myrtle Beach! Following her performance an elderly gentlemen shared the story of his late wife and how he would sing that song to her, its a moment that Claire will never forget it! As mentioned before she hopes to create music that is not genre specific and so far has done just that, creating music under a range of genres such as Rock, Folk, Alternative, and Pop. One day she would love the opportunity to open for Harry Styles, another artist who has worked across many genres, because she admires his ability to just be himself.

Amber Eyes & Trainwreck | Most recent release

In addition to Trainwreck Claire Beverly has a number of other songs available such as her most recent single, Amber Eyes which came out in March 2020! There is a clear difference between both Trainwreck and Amber Eyes – but two elements remains consistent; a strong vocal performance and a emotional connection to the songs. As Amber Eyes is her most recent single read on to find out what I thought:

I could keep this extremely simple by admitting that Amber Eyes is the song that has been missing from my life. That statement alone should be enough to tell you that this is an incredible piece of music! However, let me dive into that a little deeper, the way I interpret this song makes me feel that Claire really understands part of my story in a way that no other artist has. The song itself is very simple yet still very touching. The music is soothing which perfectly matches her soft yet emotionally powerful vocals – overall, its just an incredible song.

Summary of Claire Beverly

Claire is one of those artist that has a true talent not just for telling her story but for finding the perfect balance between genres meaning her music will speak to a larger audience! If you like what you hear, please download her music on all streaming platforms!

Some exciting news! This year she plans to bring out her second EP to join Claire on her journey and be amongst the first to hear about any confirmed dates for release then follow her social links above!!

Tell me about a special connection you built with an artist or song below!

Kelly xox

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